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A real page turner – a hugely enjoyable, often funny, always intense thriller of a book…..The book has a tremendous pace and energy about it and a wonderful and endearing humanity. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

You’re in for a fast ride full of twists, fear and dark enjoyment as Alex’s life spirals out of control.

Bankers Town is a tremendous read and kept me awake longer than was good for me…a quite breath taking journey of corruption and treachery. Joel Hames has style.

Brilliant, captivating and weirdly funny, in that dark way….If you like a book that grips you with unexpected twist and turns, where you think you have worked out the plot, but you haven’t, look no further

This was one of the best books I have read in years. I genuinely feel sorry to have finished it

A pacy, compelling thriller set in the shadowy world of banks and high finance.
Alex Konninger is hero and villain. A victim and a crook. A winner and a loser…Joel Hames keeps us compulsively turning those pages as we chart Alex’s high-stakes progress towards success or ruin. He has given the hero a truly unique voice: Alex Konninger is smart, funny, self-deprecating, so that no matter how hard you might try to dislike him, you can’t.

Read this book if you are at all interested in how the inside world of banks works. Read this book even if you’re not. It’s a great thriller regardless.

…the feel of a Scorsese film… an intimate portrait of the unravelling of a man’s life

This is a simply terrific novel: fast, exciting, completely believable and thoroughly absorbing. Bankers Town is a compelling thriller, set in the very engine room of The City’s world of high finance, greed and corruption; but revealing too the innocent ambition, insecurity and fear that so often drives it all.

I read half of this book before I went to see Wolf of Wall Street – came home and devoured the second half.

This book is all about the characters and a great build up to a gripping climax. I never thought bankers’ antics would make me laugh out loud. I will certainly be looking out for more novels by this author.

This may be a grandiose comparison but I think Bankers Town is to the credit crisis what Wolf Hall is to the Tudor court – you feel like you were part of it and, in spite of yourself, you are rooting for the bad guy.

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This is a highly addictive novel where the pages just keep turning as a story unfolds. Told through the lens of a laddish main character the novel is fast paced, engaging and strangely funny at times.

Be warned: this book is extremely difficult to put down and keeps you thinking long after you’ve finished it.

A gripping story of one man’s rise and fall, and a fascinating insight into the murky financial world at a time when it provided the biggest stories in world news. But most of all, a page-turner from start to finish. Highly recommended.

Fiction based on fact, this book is a real page turner, where just as you think you have worked out what is going on a new twist proves you wrong.

Obvious similarities to Wall Street’s Wolf but more down to earth and even possibly more edgy.

If you like a good crime novel – this is it. If you like a well written story with a good plot and believable characters, with a few laughs along the way, this is it. If you want to know how the City works – this book will give you quite a bit of insight. It’s a great first novel and I highly recommend it.