Who the hell is Joel Hames?

Spy, matineé idol, lover.
Athlete and academic.
Dancer and chancer.
Writer and ex-banker.

One of these statements is true.

Joel Hames lives in the middle of nowhere, raising children, chopping wood and fending off herds of rapacious country-beasts, but he used to be a Master of the Universe in the Big City, buying and selling and securitising and generally raising hell. He writes what he wants, when he wants to (which by coincidence is when his wife and children choose to let him write), and at the moment that tends to be fiction about bankers and blackmailers, murders, post-apocalyptic conspirators, all the usual stuff.

This is Joel Hames


Actually, that was Joel Hames 15 years ago. This is Joel Hames now.


And this is his blog.